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Some things that I’ve been thinking:

I saw Iron Man 2 the other night with Lord Mycol.  I liked it better than the first Iron ManScarlett Johansson playing a bad-ass brunette reminded me of my friend Christine.  After the movie Lord Mycol mentioned that they will make an Avengers movie and that there is a rumor that Brad Pitt will play Captain America.  I said, “Oooh!  Brad Pitt can be MY Captain America. . . . He can colonize me!”

The day before yesterday Lord Mycol and I sat in the recently re-arranged living room and had a nice conversation for about an hour.  I like the living room better this way.  The sunlight and shadows combined with Lord Mycol in a white t-shirt against the backdrop of the spider plant and the matchstick blinds reminded me of Martin Sheen in the opening of Apocalypse Now.

Do you see it?  How about that koala bear?

Last Tuesday Yim and I spent all day working on the farm.  I transplanted our tomatoes and peppers from their indoor nursery into the garden.

Oh, the disappointment!  All but a few of our fledgling tomatoes submitted to death.  Of the 36 tomatoes only about 6 of them survived.  The peppers fared much better; nearly all of them made it.

Overall, the garden is doing well.  My favorite part about it is witnessing its amazing growth and progress from day to day.


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Postcard from the Edge

My GREAT friend Christine made this for us. She’s a graphic designer now residing in Pensacola, Florida. We met in 1997 when we used to raise hell waiting tables at Mario’s in the South Side. You can’t begin to imagine. Someday I’ll tell you about it. You’re too young to handle it. Anyway, she’s been in FLA since April and I miss her lots. My next road trip will have to be to visit her.

You can visit her blog at http://www.steechez.blogspot.com. Thanks, Christine!

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OOOOPS!!! Sorry about that! So, as I was saying, there was something in Alliance that I had to see……CARHENGE!!!!

My mom has been finding money on the ground almost everywhere we go. A quarter here, a dime there. I think that is a fortuitous sign. I, on the other hand, have been finding things along the way that remind me of the people I know, and I’ve tried to gather them up to post here. Like the spawning salmon I saw at Carhenge for the folks at the Fish Market. Here’s something else I found at Carhenge. Christine, this one’s for you!!!!

His name is Tom and he’s from Missouri. He’s on his way to his first Sturgis. We’ve been traveling along side bikers from all over the country on their way to Bike Week. I wish we were going! But Mycol is sooo anxious to get to San Diego. He mentions it all the time. Sometimes he gets so frustrated with me he could throw something.

So we headed on to Scott’s Bluff. The college my mom went to her freshman year was called Hiram Scott. It doesn’t exist anymore and she hasn’t been back to Nebraska since. There wasn’t much left in the town that she recognized, but she thought this looked familiar:

We drove into Colorado (we’ve been on Mountain Time since Ogallala, Nebraska) and encountered a crazy lightening storm that opened up on us in a split second. We’d been watching the lightening burst out in the distance and when the wind started blowing tumbleweeds across the road I said maybe I’d like to pull over and just watch it play out. No sooner had I said that than we were nearly blown off the road ourselves and the thunder was blasting right over our heads and the rain was driving faster than I was. There wuz even sideways rain. My heart jumped into my throat when I realized that a tornado could kill us all in a minute. But I traveled onward. The storm broke just as we approached Brush, Colorado. Tired and weary, we pulled into the Tomahawk truck stop for gas and fuel. We stopped into the truckstop eatery, Digger’s Diner. I started feeling pretty good when I saw this on the wall:

The owner of Digger’s showed us to our seat, right in front of the TV so we could watch the Steelers/Saints pre-season game. The menu had the “Three Rivers Omelette”. Hmmmm. Hey, does anybody recognize this guy?

It’s Jeff Marcus, Gateway Highschool (Monroeville) Class of ’88!!! He’s out here in Brush, Co. running Digger’s Diner and coaching cross-country at the local school. He was real nice to us and gave us 2 Digger’s Diner ball caps. (the Digger is the mascot for the beet farmer – they make sugar out here)
And speaking of Pittsburgh and the Steelers…..this one’s for you, Rocky. After we pulled out of Brush we drove to Limon, Colorado and stayed at the “Travel On Inn”. As I said, there were bikers headed for Sturgis everywhere. When we pulled into the Inn, there they were, all sitting out front with their Harley’s. When I went back out from our room to smoke a cigarette I said hello and struck up a conversation. I said that we’d traveled from Pittsburgh and one of the guys says, “My son played for Pittsburgh.” I ran upstairs and got Mycol to come down and say hello to Mr. Ernie Mills, Sr.

Day 3 was a long day, filled with so much cool stuff that I was too tired to post that night at the Travel On Inn. But there you have it. In a nutshell.
Stay tuned for Day 4 when we will depart Limon, Co. for……? Can you guess where in the world I might be?

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