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The Art of Suffering

Last year I wanted to go to NYC and see the exhibit “Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night” at MoMa.  Unfortunately, we missed it and since then I have been periodically checking art museums within a reasonable radius for exhibits I might like to see.  Recently, Yim and I were able to plan a day trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the exhibit “Paul Gauguin: Paris, 1889”.   We brought along Yim’s son Nicholas who is an aspiring artist.  We primed ourselves and Nicholas on Gauguin’s biography and artwork before going.  The exhibit was worth seeing and I was interested to learn details of Gauguin’s life that I had not known before.  Paul Gauguin was desperately troubled.  His health waned at the hand of alcoholism and the contraction of syphilis.  He suffered financial losses and depression.  He tried to kill himself.  But failed.  It’s almost as if he were the embodiment of  Cleveland, Ohio!
Since I had originally wanted to see the Van Gogh exhibit I was glad to learn that Paul and Vincent knew one another.  Some of their works look as if the two were holding hands while painting.  One of my favorite Gauguin paintings is At the Cafe.


Obviously the same place as Van Gogh’s The Night Cafe, which I love equally.


One of my favorite phenomenons of the world is how groups of artistic people find each other, feed one another’s creative geniuses, develop a name for themselves, i.e. “impressionists”,  and then go down in history together.

Gauguin tried to escape his Cleveland and eventually laid to rest in French Polynesia, but before he died he spent time in Martinique, which is now on my life list of places to go.

I do not, however, recognize a need to return to Cleveland ever again.

But is is worth it to watch another video about Cleveland:


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