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The following post comes to you from in front of my tepee on the Continental Divide! We are in Glen, Montana tonight and ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!!
(Pictures to follow)

For those of you who don’t know or remember, once upon a time I lived in Coronado, which is an island across the bay from downtown San Diego. I was stationed at North Island, a Naval station on Coronado. That’s where I fixed the electrical components of helicopters and aircraft attached to the base. Mycol was born in Balboa Naval Hospital and our first home was on Coronado. Coronado is an upscale community and we lived in a duplex behind one of the bigger houses on H Street. Mycol hasn’t been back to see his origins since he was 2 years old, so it was great to show him around.
Here’s Mummy’s new car:

This is the surf shop we used to go to. I bought Mycol some new gear in there, plus a shirt for me.

Here’s the front entrance to our old place. I knocked on the door because it seemed like someone was home, but nobody answered. I really wanted to go in and show Mycol the apartment.

Here’s our upstairs neighbor, Connie! I was so glad to see that she’s still there. Her and her daughter, Kirsten, who was 12 at the time, used to babysit Mycol for me sometimes. Kirsten made a cross-stitch for Mycol with his name on it that he still has in his bedroom!

We had to walk up between the houses to the street side to get our mail. Our address was 829 1/2 H Street.

This is across the street from us. Our neighborhood, where I used to walk Mycol up and down in the stroller.

Here’s the liquor store my ex-husband financed.

The Hotel Del Coronado was right down the street from our apartment. We used to walk to the beach.

And here is where you can STILL get a GREAT carne asado!! We loved it!

Stay tuned……next stop, Oakland, CA.


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