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Inventors are a strange breed of people.  They tinker in their cellars and brood over schematics, too engaged in their own thought processes to care much about interacting with the rest of the world.  So one can only imagine what a Norwegian inventor might be like.  I know one myself, technically he’s a co-inventor, and today’s post is dedicated to him.

To help you understand the Norwegian, I have gathered some indisputable facts for your perusal.  For instance, it is important to realize that Norwegians are steeped in age-old culture, which makes them smell like old cheese.

Speaking of cheese,


Leif Garrett, Norwegian-American cheese.

But seriously, speaking of cheese, my favorite Norwegian inventor, Thor Bjorklund, invented the cheese slicer.  So now you finally know who cut the cheese.  Bjorklund’s invention was revolutionary in maintaining Norwegian old-world views.  In Norway, “any form of elitism is likely to meet strong criticism.”  This is a concept of Jante Law, which dictates that the Big Cheese stands alone.

Norway also gives us the author Knut Hamsun.

Hamsun is the author of one of my favorite novels ever, Hunger, inspired by the, ahem, “delectable” Norwegian dish, smalahove.


So let’s get to the man this post is really dedicated to, my favorite Norwegian co-inventor, Dag, who will be portrayed by the Norwegian-American Walter Mondale.


The question is, are you still considered a co-inventor if your partner is a clone?  Anyway, this man came to America, married my best friend, and then took her to Norway.  And together they produced three outstanding inventions:

The Lindy.


The Emil.


And the Mila.


The original patents have not been disclosed in an effort to secure their integrity.

So, in celebration of Dag, Norwegian co-inventor and thief of friends, whose birthday is today,

Happy Birthday, Dag!

Gratulerer med dagen, Dag!


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